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i want to make my whole journal friends only but it would take me forever. is there an easier way? i've had this journal for nearly six years now and to go back and change each entry one by one seems so tedious. about half of them are friends locked already but there are many more that are open for the public to read and i like the idea of my journal being private now though.

there's got to be an easier way to do it.
okay, according to emode.com, my inner rock star is bjork (surprise, surprise, everyone got bjork.)

my aura is blue:
We don't need a psychic to tell us that you're giving off a Sapphire vibe. People with blue auras feel everything strongly � you tend to get a little emotional at the drop of a hat. You're also deeply spiritual and introspective. Matters of the heart, mind, and soul are important to you, and your waters run as deep as the ocean. Nurturing by nature, you're likely a loving, supportive caretaker. That's why friends, family, and co-workers adore you. They know you're a good listener and always have great advice and a shoulder for them to cry on. In fact, if we had to find a fault, it's that you can be a tad too self-sacrificing. Remember that it's okay to say no sometimes. You forgive everyone else their weaknesses, so go ahead and forgive yourself for a little well-deserved selfishness. Indulge your creative side and do something artsy, or just take a break from being the world's counselor. You'll come back refreshed and ready for more.

that's interesting. i am very introspective and emotional, and i do feel like i'm the world's counselor sometimes.

okay, back to the tests!
okay, i also took the colorquiz, inspired by chry.

Your Existing Situation

The fear of rebuff and the extreme caution of her approach make it difficult for
her to achieve the degree of intimacy and identification she desires.

Your Stress Sources

Unfulfilled hopes have led to uncertainty and apprehension. Needs to feel secure
and to avoid any further disappointment, and fears being passed over or losing
standings and prestige. Doubts that things will be any better in the future and
this negative attitude leads her to make exaggerated demands and to refuse to
make reasonable compromises.

Your Restrained Characteristics

The situation is preventing her from establishing herself, but she feels she
must make the best of things as they are.

Feels trapped in a distressing or
uncomfortable situation and seeking some way of gaining relief. Able to achieve
satisfaction from sexual activity.

Your Desired Objective

Suffering from the effects of those things which are being rejected as
disagreeable, and is strongly resisting them. Just wants to be left in peace.

Your Actual Problem

Disappointment and the fear that there is no point in formulating fresh goals
have led to anxiety, emptiness, and an unadmitted self-contempt. Her refusal to
admit this leads to her adopting a headstrong and defiant attitude.

what can i say?

I just fucking found out that my abnormal psychology class has a prerequesite that i did not take. So, i had to drop it and find another class to take so I can still get my insurance (medical and dental) from my father for going to school full time. And I registered for general psychology, but now this means that: I have to pay more money, cause this is a four credit class and the other one was only three. Also: it's a night class, monday and wednesday, 6-7:50. And I need to buy new books. I am gonna be fucked. I already missed the first day of class, which was yesterday. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

I need to smoke some pot. Now.